What is Aerial™?

No matter what your population health, care management or digital health strategy, Medecision’s flagship solution, Aerial™, was designed to help you crack the code to success.

Personalized Member and Patient Engagement

Aerial Experience + Health System Clinical Knowhow + Community-based Partner Reach. Tap into the most potent combination for community-based teams, consumers and their care circles. Break out of silos and get down to the business of efficient, effective care.

Share 360°, up-to-the minute visibility into patient health status

Aerial powers all care team members with a 360-degree, dynamic, longitudinal patient health record. It’s shareable (through controlled permissions) and grants quick insight into key quality metrics, medications, ED and hospital visits, and more. So, all stakeholders have the insight and info they need to identify risks and improve patient health.
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Surround patients with a trusted Health Circle

Now, a patient’s caregivers and clinicians can support their care plans, collaborate more effectively and reduce cost. Aerial offers mobile solutions to bring a consumer’s care communities together and share hospital admissions and discharges, medications and refills and lab results; all in an easy-to-understand chronological display – in real time.
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Engage and educate members for genuine behavior change

Aerial helps your member-facing technology cut through the noise. A member portal, goal-setting tools, self-assessments and highly-rated educational videos work together to encourage members to take meaningful actions and follow up with their care teams.
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Compliance Without Compromise

Did you know that the average government plan leveraging the Aerial Experience to manage 150,000 members stands to reduce labor costs by 30% and save $.50 per appeal, per member, per year?

Manage CMS compliance and boost member satisfaction

Automate compliance to improve your services…and your profits. At least 40% of STAR ratings factors can be tied to appeals and grievances operations. With Aerial, you can track Appeals and Grievances instances down to the second, automate universe creations and always be ready to meet CMS reporting needs and increase STAR ratings.
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Simplify utilization management and streamline payer-provider communications

Enable bi-directional communication without time-intensive and error-prone phone calls, faxes and paperwork. Aerial automates traditionally cumbersome, manual UM workflows offering practitioners more time to focus on patient care, resulting in improved patient satisfaction, better care management and streamlined efficiencies.
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Optimize revenue from HCC scores

Health plans managing government beneficiaries rely on Aerial to help optimize revenue and stay current with the latest CMS requirements.

  • Capture lost or at-risk revenue by evaluating over-coding and under-coding.
  • Visualize HCC scores, to plan for future care needs and target meaningful member outreach opportunities for scoring improvement or enrollment into special programs.

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  • Create immediate ROI – easily exceed savings of $3 PMPY for a single ICD code.
  • Reduce manual authorization costs by as much as 83 percent.

Maximize Efficiency, Revenue and Reimbursements

Working with your claims system, electronic health record (EHR), and other data sources, Aerial helps you manage risk, gain operational efficiency, reduce costs, increase member and user satisfaction, and drive quality improvement. These critical elements of a care management or PHM ecosystem are necessary to deliver the highest level of value and results.

Increase the value in bundled-payment risk

Aerial ensures you benefit from the upside of assuming bundled payment risk.

  • Manage patient populations and coordinate ongoing treatment.
  • Streamline care coordination throughout the 90-day required care continuum.
  • Set goals and actions to track toward improved clinical and financial outcomes based on specific bundles.

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Complex care management for high-cost member populations

Aerial puts proven, evidence-based case management, disease management and utilization management to work for your health plan. Rules-based, automated, member-centered care management workflows. NCQA-certified clinical content. It’s all there to help guide the most appropriate member interventions and care plans and refer members to appropriate services.
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Dynamic care planning for a flexible, person-centered approach

Aerial improves interactions with prioritized individuals. Pre-populated, short and focused URAC- and NCQA-compliant questionnaires generate dynamic, personalized plans of care. Care managers – in the office, or in the field – can quickly pivot and re-prioritize appropriate interventions as new insights are identified.
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Control out-of-network costs and automate authorizations and referrals

Take a significant step forward with an automated, real-time, and data-driven approach to authorizations and referrals that drives cost savings, enhances compliance, and provides immediate ROI.

Designed to expedite high-quality, cost-effective care, Aerial incorporates all relevant data when an authorization or referral is requested, enabling automatic approvals that free staff resources to focus their time where it’s needed — on exceptions and complex cases.
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Increase engagement, compliance, and operational efficiency to achieve 6:1 ROI and higher.

Unmatched Intelligence to Drive Risk Assessment, Care Planning, and Engagement

Data aggregation and management. Data enhancement and analytics. Actionable intelligence. All proven possible with Aerial. Aerial ingests disparate clinical, utilization, financial, socio-economic and behavioral data in near real time. A critical foundation towards targeting meaningful opportunities to manage high-risk and rising-risk populations and patients.

Clinical decision support tools for improved collaboration

Aerial delivers critical intelligence at the point of care and across the care continuum.

  • Reveal gaps in care to guide prevention and intervention for high-risk patients.
  • Ensure healthcare providers, medical administrators and patients receive clinical reminders for Medicare Star Rating, HCC, HEDIS®, P4P and other chronic and prevention-based programs.

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Zero-in on opportunities for cost savings and better outcomes

With a unique view into clinical and financial data—plus access to vital tracking and measurement metrics in easy-to-understand visualizations—Aerial delivers a clear line of sight into the entire population you are managing.

  • See care quality and utilization trends—including out-of-network use patterns.
  • Understand performance metrics while monitoring clinical interventions—and their impact on costs.
  • Identify prescribing patterns to optimize medication adherence and expenses while driving appropriate use.
  • Target and act on co-morbidity and chronic condition population clusters. View entire populations by cost summaries, claims profiles and demographics—or filter into areas of interest for trend reports and costs analysis.

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See for yourself how the Aerial Experience engages your highest-risk, highest-cost members. Members who need your team and your services. Like Mack, Joan and Margaret.


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