Interoperability, intelligence, security and performance with ultimate flexibility.

HITRUST CSF®-certified, SaaS platform helps the nation’s leading plans and risk-bearing organization optimize the delivery of personalized, predictive and prescriptive decision support for clinicians, physicians, consumers and their caregivers. All made available in ways that cannot be accomplished in legacy EMR, registration, financial or claims systems.

Aerial is built on an advanced, modular architecture, using ‘packages’ of code, making it possible to integrate the components needed to meet your organization’s unique business requirements today – and change with the organization as business needs demand.


Aerial ingests, processes and integrates with internal and external systems through standard data protocols while enhancing clinical content to support a more meaningful and actionable continuum of care. Leveraging data through a multi-phased integration methodology, Aerial can maintain a consistent view of the patient across all domains and systems.


Market leading healthcare platform leveraging big data and machine learning delivering predictive analytics for improved and automated care management and engagement.


HITRUST certified with detailed policies and procedures in place to guarantee the highest possible levels of security for data, applications, and internal and operating systems.


Horizontally scalable, Aerial’s uptime availability meets and exceeds 99.5% while 85% of all transactions are completed in 3 seconds or less.


Built on a Services Oriented Architecture (SOA), Aerial is a modular, loosely-coupled SaaS solution ensuring reduced cost, high availability, continuous upgrades, and rapid deployment.

The Aerial framework closely aligns with industry analysts’ view of a technology ecosystem which will support the desired state of healthcare and your business.

Based on these imperatives and framework, Aerial comprises the critical elements of a population health management (PHM) ecosystem that will deliver the highest level of value and results.

  • Big Data Aggregation and Management

    Ingestion and integration of myriad clinical, financial and socio-economic data to build the most holistic picture of individuals and populations.

  • Advanced Analytics and Cognitive Intelligence Mechanisms

    Data alone is not enough; leverage next-generation analytics and cognitive intelligence to derive insights and micro-segment populations to effectively manage clinical and financial risk.

  • Extended Services Layer and APIs

    Secure, near-real-time delivery of intelligence across care settings, fueling and informing a wide array of apps and solutions.

  • Key Capabilities and Solutions

    Evidence-based, actionable, decision-support visualizations, workflows and engagement apps to empower consumers and deliver the most appropriate care.

  • Compliant and Extensive Security

    Aerial comes with Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST) framework certification – securing the confidentiality, integrity and availability of protected health information. It’s built to manage your (and your customers’) security requirements, other third parties, federal and state agencies and regulations including HIPAA, NIST, ISO, PCI, FTC Red Flag and COBIT.

See for yourself how the Aerial Experience engages your highest-risk, highest-cost members. Members who need your team and your services. Like Mack, Joan and Margaret.


Commercial Member Management


Medicare Advantage Member Management


Medicaid Program Member Management

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