Consumer Empowerment

Consumer Engagement
for Improved Outcomes

Successful care delivery requires the entire care ecosystem—including providers, health plans, and community organizations—to collaborate with individuals and their personal care circles to share information and work together toward better outcomes. That’s more meaningful member and patient engagement. That’s Aerial.

Aerial safely connects care teams, community providers, patients and members during the pandemic and beyond.

Empower Consumers Through Connected Care

Engage and educate members and patients with a collaborative care experience and personalized engagement that addresses specific needs and adheres to preferred methods of communication. Create a true partnership with each individual to improve satisfaction and empower them with the information and tools to manage their own health.

Efficiently and Comprehensively Manage Care

An integrated, 360° view of health enables teams—comprising care management, disparate providers, community services, and each individual’s personal support network—to proactively and collaboratively deliver consistent, informed care spanning complex care, rising risk, and wellness.

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