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Slide Insight. Engagement. Compliance. (full screen recommended) Welcome to Next-Generation Consumer Activation

Slide ALTERNATIVES DON'T WORK BECAUSE THE DATA DON'T FLOW. A LIVING, SHAREABLE, 360° VIEW OF CONSUMER HEALTH With Aerial, you can tap into the most potent population and individual insights, shareable, by permission, with your care ecosystem. Aerial helps you cut across data silos so your people can get down to the business of efficient, effective care. A CLOSER LOOK

Slide WE GOT YOUR BACK Need Insight At The Speed Of Health? Attracting new members. Improving quality. Increasing reimbursements. Reducing costs.

Are those goals on your digital transformation agenda?

Check out Aerial. When it delivers critical insights on your members across your ecosystem, it turns your digital health roadmap into reality. Business goals – check. Security, scalability, SaaS – you got this. Interoperability – it’s in there.
Slide FACE THE NEW ECONOMIC REALITY WITH CONFIDENCE Consumers At The Center of Health and Care How do you reach and engage members? Focus on experience. It's proven. Members respond to the right motivational content, at the right time, experienced in the right way. The way they want it.

Aerial connects care communities. Integrated engagement and communication tools tee up prompts, health insight, status updates and more. So everyone has the info they need, when and how they need it — in their hands.

What could be more engaging?
Slide AUTOMATE AND BOOST YOUR BOTTOM LINE Compliance. Without Complication. Easy to use; easy to deploy. Aerial helps secure your STAR rating and reclaim lost revenue. CMS penalties? A thing of the past. 'Disenrollment'? Reduced. New customer acquisition costs? Manageable.

By improving quality ratings and eliminating process delays, you're better positioned to maintain compliance and attain quality bonuses — the very achievements your plan has been seeking.
Slide MAKE YOUR MEMBER DATA FLOW. Deliver The Goods To Your Care Ecosystem. Aerial lands action-prescribed longitudinal member data and insights right where (and when) you want them.

Longitudinal, an important distinction.

You garner precise, actionable indicators of an individual’s past – and future – health, risk level and choices. A lifeline to all your partners who need to help you engage, activate and manage your members.

Slide Experiencing Aerial is Believing Aerial success comes in all sizes. Medicare Advantage. Managed Medicaid. Commercial Member Management. Home and Community-Based Services.

Wouldn’t you like to serve all your populations better?
Mack Joan Margaret Medicare Advantage Member Management Medicaid Program Member Management Commercial Member Management

Slide HOW WILL YOU KNOW IT'S RIGHT FOR NOW... AND LATER? Industry Analysts Agree: We get it. We’ve heard stories of supposed seamless platform implementations that resulted in a long list of nightmares, including licensing, customizations, and lengthy delays associated with deployment. Not everyone plays by the rules. How do you know you’re getting the best deal? And, that your investment in the platform will enable you to interoperate “backward” (legacy systems) and incorporate (new apps, third-party apps) “forward” over time? No matter the population, let us show you how Aerial can support the needs of your business and growing populations of commercial, Medicare Advantage, and Medicaid members. Click to see the power behind the Aerial platform. SEE AERIAL IN ACTION WITH OUR AERIAL EXPERIENCE Aerial Is The Right Investment