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Share an up-close look at your members.

Aerial ingests data, maturing and expanding over time. Built-in advanced intelligence – rules and information and machine-learning – is applied. All to generate ever-smarter, productive Aerial view of your members.


The Only Way to Go Digital.

We get it. We’ve heard the nightmarish stories of “seamless” implementations that result in donkey-path paving, budget overruns and endless delays. And, many times, in no implementation at all. It’s enough to make you want to point-solution your way to the future (yikes!)

But, if you’re going to be the digital health hero, you need to ask the hard questions:

Is the technology you are considering used and proven effective in the real world?

Have you considered interoperability of technologies and standard approaches to data structure?

Am I falling into the trap of ‘sub-optimized’ data? A single goal and a single slicing of the data is fine for now. But what are the upstream and downstream impacts? What insight outside of the specific focus area are you missing?

Can my IT department keep up with updating coding standards from multiple source systems in each of my point solutions? How long can they sustain this?

What is the impact of multiple contracts, multi-cost dependencies, and multiple interfaces on my organization?

Do I have a way of organizing all sources – clinical, financial, patient satisfaction, and administrative data – into a single source of truth?

Can I marry clinical data to financial, administrative, and patient satisfaction data to drive significant care improvement and efficiencies?

Data can be addictive. Can your IT department keep up with stakeholder demand for insight?

Have you considered a methodology for effectively getting stakeholders to embrace your solution and to use data themselves to drive decisions?

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See for yourself how the Aerial Experience engages your highest-risk, highest-cost members. Members who need your team and your services. Like Mack, Joan and Margaret.


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