Create An Unmatched Member Experience.

Simple tools for engaging and personalizing their journey.

Combine high-touch and high-tech to differentiate your members’ experience. Eliminate miscommunication. Gaps in information. Care plan confusion.

What if no member or care manager had to start at ground zero? Aerial delivers what members want – 360° up-to-the-minute visibility into their health status. Knowledge of their benefits. Easier care navigation. For everyone vested in their health. Case managers, networks, community-based care teams, physicians, members and their trusted circle.

All the life factors affecting their health and care are right there in their health summary – printed, saved as a PDF, accessed through a portal or exported via HL7 CCD formats.

And their health summary profile is continually enhanced. With every interaction.

Does your EHR or PHR or ePHR extend to members’ trusted circles of family and friends? The Aerial Experience offers a social/mobile app that brings everyone into the loop.

The member is center stage – with a care plan that is supported by their ‘social circle’ who see their care timeline summaries and more. Families and friends get secure, critical visibility to care events and work with healthcare providers to act on the care plan.

They see hospital admissions and discharges, medications and refills, lab results and more. They’re in lockstep as more details become available. Severity, gaps in care, patient findings, admissions, goals, actions and healthcare provider details? All there.

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Need Insight At The Speed Of Health?

Compliance. Without Complications.

Deliver The Goods To Your Care Ecosystem.

See for yourself how the Aerial Experience engages your highest-risk, highest-cost members. Members who need your team and your services. Like Mack, Joan and Margaret.


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