Our solutions are used today by nearly 100 leading health plans and care delivery organizations to support over 50 million people.

Healthcare is fragmented, expensive and difficult to manage.

Data silos   Integrated healthcare experiences and collaboration
Concerns over access and safety   Virtual health engagement
Episodic care   Continuous care across the patient journey
Fear of downside risk   Quality and performance management
Barriers to care   Support for medical, behavioral and social determinants
High cost of care   Appropriate utilization
Disconnected consumers   Active, engaged and empowered consumers

Aerial powers smarter solutions that help deliver better care

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Utilization Management

  • Automate tasks to reduce costs
  • Improve throughput and turnaround times
  • Increase your competitive edge
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Care Management

  • Collaborate and coordinate care across the care continuum
  • Address medical, behavioral and social determinants of health
  • Improve outcomes
Icon - Intelligence & Interoperability


Intelligence & Interoperability

  • Connect healthcare ecosystems
  • Personalize and orchestrate care for all consumers
  • Use integrated data intelligence from across the care community
Icon - Virtual Health

High-Tech, High Touch

Virtual Health

  • Ensure care experiences are personalized and proactive
  • Offer omnichannel engagements
  • Meet quality metrics and value-based goals
Icon - Consumer Empowerment


Consumer Engagement

  • Engage and empower consumers and their trusted care circles
  • Provide the right information at the right time
  • Make smarter, action-oriented care decisions

Aerial supports the health of consumers
and your business

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    With Aerial, government agencies and plans can lower costs and efficiently manage more beneficiaries.

  • Icon - Health Plans

    Health Plans

    Aerial helps health plans efficiently manage at-risk populations to optimize revenue and improve outcomes.

  • Icon - Indigo Grape

    Health Systems

    Achieve better outcomes and reduce risk by collaborating across the care continuum to improve care transitions, close gaps, and prevent unnecessary hospital usage.

  • Icon - Third-Party Administrators

    Third-Party Administrators

    Meet value-based care initiatives and the diverse needs of members across employee groups and health plans.

  • Icon - Home Health

    Home Health

    Balance demand for care delivery in the home with the need for safe, coordinated care and a superior patient experience.

  • Icon - Community-Based Organizations

    Community-Based Organizations

    Collaborate with partners across the community to treat the entirety of patient needs, including medical, behavioral, and social determinants.

Don’t just take our word for it… hear what our clients say.

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    I’ve enjoyed working with the Aerial team since 2003. They’re very professional, knowledgeable and energetic. They inspire me to go the extra mile, to work harder. We started years ago with utilization management workflow, administration and reporting. By listening to customer feedback, Aerial has a positive impact on healthcare. Its solutions and services continue to help us achieve our vision of building a healthier, happier Hawaii.

    Guy Ng

    Senior Utilization Management Solutions Analyst, Hawaii Medical Service Association

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    We were able to leverage the technology to help us find our patients, evaluate acuity, prioritize and coordinate actions, even when all other services were down.

    Kathleen Donaldson

    Director of IT Home and Community-Based Care, Health Home Partners of Western NY

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    Healthcare is constantly changing—new rules, new regulations, new processes, new programs. We need a platform that is nimble enough to move and pivot as quickly as we do. Aerial
    adapts with us as we adapt to the landscape.

    Jonathan Weedman

    VP of Population Health, CareOregon

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    We’re always looking for ways to make our technology do more, and Aerial is a big help. We were able to configure our system to process authorizations much more easily for all of our Medicare Advantage members. Our physicians flock to Aerial once they learn their members’ risk scores – including pharmacy and lab data – are there and that they can automate their own authorizations. We all like the idea of having everything coordinated in one system. That’s Aerial.

    Mechelle Reed

    Associate Vice President of Data Management, Risk Adjustment and Credentialing, Brand New Day